Student Alternative Application Process

This Agreement and Understanding is between a chiropractic or a veterinary student who is applying to sit for the certification examinations of the ACCC/AVCA and who is within 6 months or less of graduation from their professional school at the time of application.

  1. The student/candidate agrees to the following:
    1. At time of application, student will supply the following additional documentation:
      1. A copy of their official student identification.
      2. A signed statement on the letterhead from the college verifying that the school anticipates that the student will pass examinations and will graduate on a specified date from their professional school.
      3. Comply with all ACCC examination requirements.
    2. ACCC/AVCA certification examination scores will be withheld until a copy of the candidate’s professional license is received in the AVCA office. After receipt of the candidate’s professional license, a pass or fail letter will be mailed.
    3. All other certification examination policy, procedure and requirements apply.
    4. Candidate is responsible to send a copy of their professional license within 12 months of graduation date from their chiropractic/veterinary professional school.
    5. Student may not infer/allude that they have passed the ACCC certification examinations until they have received official notice of certification status from ACCC/AVCA.
    6. Student may not represent themselves as an AVCA Certified Doctor until they receive official notice of this status from ACCC/AVCA.
  2. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a decision that the student/candidate is not eligible to apply for ACCC/AVCA certification.